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How It Works

Get going in a snap! Just sign up then send money.

Sign Up

  1. Sign-in with your email address.
  2. Enter some basic info about yourself (name, address, etc).
    • During our initial launch period, we need to contact you to verify your identity (this is a temporary regulatory requirement).
  3. Enter some basic info about a beneficiary (or more).
    • These are the people to whom you'll be sending money.
    • You enter their info only once. Not every time you send money.
    • You can add, change, delete beneficiaries later.

Send Money

  1. Select who you're sending money to from your beneficiaries.
  2. Enter the amount, payment method, and delivery method.
  3. Review the quote and terms & conditions ... then submit it.

Payment Methods: This is how you pay for your remit. We do not send money until we have verified your payment.

Delivery Methods: This is how the money is delivered to the beneficiary.